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John Ardoin 50th Anniversary Party Speech

Friends, Romans, Countrymen

Lend me your ears

On this day of our Lord in the fragile year of “1965” came together 24 lost souls trying to find a purpose in life.

They were Red Necks, Turkey Necks, No Necks and Long Necks

They were CoonAsses, Jackasses, Fatasses

But they all had one goal. To enjoy sailing on beautiful “Lake Sabine”.

These were the characters:

John Ardoin*

Don Boring

Ray Bowles

Robert Brent*

Charles Burrows

J. M. Cambell

Weldon Denbo

Tom F. Ellis

Cliff Fontenot

J. L. Feeeman

Phillip Gilbert

Elroy James

J. D. LeBlanc

Dan F. Murphy

Jesse Nash

J. R. Paden

Frank Profit*

Randolph Reed Jr.

Vic Scalco

Edward Schuhardt

Doug Spooner

Preston Young

Larry Stroud


And so it came to pass:


The articles of incorporation


The Port Arthur Yacht Club, Incorporated


We the undersigned natural persons of the age of twenty one (21) years or more, at least two of whom are citizens of the State of Texas, acting as incorporators of a corporation under the Texas Non-Profit corporation Act, do hereby adopt the following Articles of Incorporation for such corporation

If you missed the 50th anniversary dinner on 18 May 2015 John Ardoin our sole charter member gave the above hilarious account of the humble beginnings of our beloved PAYC fifty years ago on that day.



Port Arthur Yacht Club | 410 Pleasure Island Blvd. | Port Arthur, TX  77640 | Phone 409-356-6253