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Dues and Fees

PAYC Dues and Fees Structure


Initiation Fee - $1,250 (invoiced in 10 semi-annual installments of $125.00+ $10.31 tax = $135.31)

Annual Dues - $300 (invoiced in semi-annual installments of $150 + $12.38 tax = $162.38)


Dues for Membership Classes


Active Member (boat owner) - full initiation fee, assessments, and annual dues

Associate Member (not a boat owner) - full initiation fee, assessments, and annual dues

Junior Member (no younger than 12 years of age and no older than 18 years of age, or a full-time student not older than 21 years of age or employed full-time) - no initiation fee or assessments; one-half of annual dues ($150)

Honorary Member - no initiation fees, assessments, or annual dues

Cruising Member - full initiation fees and assessments; one-third of annual dues

New Member - one-half of the annual dues ($162.38) must accompany the completed application for membership consideration; initiation fee installments will begin with the next billing cycle


Slip Rental Fees


Slip rental fees for boats in PAYC slips are invoiced and collected by the Pleasure Island Commission.  For more information, contact the Pleasure Island Commission (409-982-4675).

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