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Garrison Ridge

This area was used as a Customs House as far back as 1837. As ships would enter Sabine Lake they would have to stop here to declare the goods that they were bringing in. 

Now a days it is about an hours's trip from Port Arthur Yacht Club. (135° Heading 4.2 NM). With a dinghy/Kayak/Cannon you can reach the sandy shores. Be mindful that this area is part of nature now, which includes mosquitoes and other other natural wild life that could be harmful if not respected. 

As recent as March 2021 a small flotilla of a few 30" ships ventured out as close as 29° 48.810'N 93° 51.920'W to lay anchor.  It was said that during the summer months, this is a good spot to come out and fish, swim and paddle ashore to explore. 

If you have experiences at Garrison Ridge, know some history, or advice please share
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