PAYC Club Administration

Paul Vera.PNG


Paul Vera

Paul sets the direction for PAYC and is responsible for the management of the club. He ensures everything is in order and everyone is having fun. Paul is passionate about racing and teaching others. He diligently ensures that everyone is good, then he enthusiastically makes sure everything gets cleaned up at the end of the day. Pauls has a magical ability to get you enthusiastically involved in things you did not know was happening at the club.   

Brian Meadowcroft.PNG

Club Secretary

Brian Meadowcroft

Brian is generally responsible for the club's administration, arranging meetings, keeping all in order, and more than we will ever know. He is passionate about Sailing, safety, and rules.  Eagerly supports Junior Sailing, new sailors, and an avid Thursday Night racer.

Mike Givens.PNG


Mike Givens

Mike oversees the management of the club's financial affairs. He is easy to talk to, quick to offer sailing insights and can send you a bill with the brightest of smiles. 

Butch Neely.PNG

Harbor Master

Butch Neely

Butch oversees the maintenance and provision of navigational aids within the marina. He inspects our vessels and oversees the facilities. Old school gruff exterior, but with a sincere heart of gold. Butch is an encyclopedia of local sailing and vessel knowledge.

Cathleen Cole.PNG

Mainsheet Editor

Cathleen Cole

Cathleen is responsible for editing submissions to the monthly Mainsheet newsletter and adding design elements and photos. She made it clear when she was voluntold for the editor's position that she is NOT a graphic designer, which is why the newsletter has a KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) layout. She IS a retired professional writer and editor, so she knows when your sentences ain't right. She won't hold it against you. She will just fix them



Socials: Nicole Champagne
Racing: Paul Vera
Cruising: Chris Boone
Junior Sailing: Ted Mahavier
Knot-A-Head Junior Racing: Paul Vera
Adult Sailing: Paul Vera
Sea Scouts: Donald Hearn
Club Boat Maintenance Program: Rodney Champagne
Membership: Mike Wilson