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PAYC Club Administration

Brian Meadowcroft


Brian is generally responsible for the club's administration, arranging meetings, keeping all in order, and more than we will ever know. He is passionate about Sailing, safety, and rules. Eagerly supports Junior Sailing, new sailors, and an avid Thursday Night racer.

Solomon Freimuth


Solomon handles the management of the club's financial affairs. While he appears to have a friendly personality and a welcoming smile, he also has nefarious duties; he is also the Pirate Treasure Hunt planner in training. If you're nice, maybe he will give you a clue about the buried treasure!

Heather Oldbury


Heather is generally responsible for the club's administration, arranging meetings, keeping all in order, and more than we will ever know. She enjoys time on the water on her family's fishing boat while they search for the right sailboat for bigger adventures!

Ted Mahavier

Vice Commodore

Ted is dual-hatted, serving as Vice and Chairman of the Membership committee. His best recruiting tools are his smile and willingness to take any prospective member sailing! On top of his club duties and racing achievements within the club,Ted is an accomplished multihull sailor and has crewed two winning trimarans in Harvest Moon races. In his informal role, Ted serves as our liaison with Houston Yacht Club. If you need to know anything about the waters from Kemah to Port Arthur, just ask!

Cathleen Cole

Mainsheet Editor

Cathleen is responsible for editing submissions to the monthly Mainsheet newsletter and adding design elements and photos. She made it clear when she was voluntold for the editor's position that she is NOT a graphic designer, which is why the newsletter has a KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) layout. She IS a retired professional writer and editor, so she knows when your sentences ain't right. She won't hold it against you. She will just fix them

Drake Thibodaux

House and Grouds

Drake oversees the maintenance of our Club House and grounds and plans our club workdays. While new to sailing, he is no stranger to being willing to lend a hand and learn! Rumor has it he is highly talented with a smoker! As another maintainer, thanks are never asked for, but always appreciated!

Rodney Champagne

Rear Commodore

Rodney serves as an advisor to the Commodore. His counsel, with a Cajun flavor, is well heard by all that seek his advice. Rodney favors motorboats over sailboats and enjoys reminding us sailors of his abilities to 'sail' directly into the wind. He also helps us keep our club boat, 'Bout Time, up and running. Please say thank you; maintainers never get the credit they deserve!

Butch Neely

Harbor Master

Butch oversees the maintenance and provision of navigational aids within the marina. He inspects our vessels and oversees the facilities. Old school gruff exterior, but with a sincere heart of gold. Butch is an encyclopedia of local sailing and vessel knowledge.

Shawn Pichoff


He is always a smiling face at the club and happy to learn and broaden sailing horizons. Word is, he might soon have the newest sails in the club! Keep that in mind if he is looking for crew! He is the bass in the PAYC unofficial jam band. Se dicen que el bolillo redondo habla español.

Board Members

Don Hearn

Shawn Pichoff

Gary Hollier

Paul Vera

Art Lynd

Image by Papaioannou Kostas



Janet Hollier


Mike Martinez

Knot-A-Head Junior Racing

Paul Vera

Club Boat Maintenance Program

Rodney Champagne



Junior Sailing:

Paul Vera

Sea Scouts

Donald Hearn

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