Officers, Board, and Committee Chairmen

2019PAYC Administration


Commodore - Lynette Gillenwater
Vice Commodore - David Bradley
Secretary - Judy Walters
Treasurer - Mike Givins 



Board of Directors

Ken Rutty
Dennis Gillenwater
Mike Wise
Ted Mehavier

Greg Lynd (Past Commodore)



Mark McConnell (2020)

Randall Collier (2019)
Chuck Devenzio (2018)

(Date is End of Term)

Mainsheet Editor and Webmaster

Harbormaster - Butch Neely


Committee Chairs

Racing - Paul Vera
Cruising - Kelvin Franks

Socials - Ettie Haley
House and Grounds - Everyone
Junior Sailing - Paul Vera & Ted Mahavier
Membership - David Bradley
Clubhouse Reservations - Ettie Haley

Safety - Everyone

Port Arthur Yacht Club | 410 Pleasure Island Blvd. | Port Arthur, TX  77640 | Phone 409-356-6253