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Foster kids learn how to sail


Pleasure Island Marina grand opening after Hurricane Ike


Foster children go sailing

Foster kids learn how to sail



KWBB CW10 South Texas :: News - Top Stories - Foster kids learn how to sail Foster kids learn how to sail PLEASURE ISLAND-by Kara Dixon


Jim Richardson has been sailing for three years. After working with the Department of Family Protective Services, Richardson is now a board member of the Port Arthur Yacht Club on Pleasure Island. He wanted to merge his two interest to give foster kids a new experience.


"We get to provide an opportunity for them that they may not be able to normally get," Richardson said.


At the end of July, There were more than sixteen thousand foster kids, age 17 and under, in the state. 250 of them live in Jefferson County.

Many are waiting to be adopted.


Russ Myers is the commodore of the yacht club.  He says it is the second year of  sail day.


"When we get them out, we teach them how the boat sails. We show them everything on the boat," said Myers.


Alyssa Martin works with the kids. She says it brings back youthful memories and the experience shows her different insight for each child.Activities like sailing give the girls a sense of belonging.


"They enjoy being wanted. They enjoy going different places and learning new things. I think it will help them in aspect of being accepted," Martin said.


Richardson said that teaching the kids and making them feel like they are a part of something is exactly why they hold the sail day.


"When we get to do that, it just fills our heart," Richardson said.


The Port Arthur Yacht Club invites anyone who is interested in sailing to visit them on Pleasure Island.


To learn more about the foster care program, visit

Saturday, August 16 2014, 07:44 PM CDT

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