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Thousand Foot Cut Coordinates Into Lake Sabine from ICW


Mark 1 In From ICW N29° 58.434'W93° 50.267'

Mark 2                       N29° 58.339'W93° 50.214'

Mark 3                       N29° 58.282'W93° 50.175'

Mark 4                       N29° 58.232'W93° 50.135'

Mark 5                       N29° 58.188'W93° 50.109'

Mark 6                       N29° 58.134'W93° 50.070'

Mark 7                       N29° 58.057'W93° 50.018'

Mark 8                       N29° 57.943'W93° 49.939'

Mark 9                       N29° 57.915'W93° 49.909'

Mark 10                     N29° 57.859'W93° 49.853'

Mark 11                     N29° 57.756'W93° 49.762'

Mark 12                    N29° 57.607'W93° 49.762'

Cluster Piling             N29° 57.610'W93° 49.640'

Old Rig                       N29° 57.023'W93° 49.539'

Rig is Gone


These coordinates are in degrees decimal minutes. DDD° MM.MM'


Use these coordinates at your own risk.


When entering the lake from the ICW do not enter too close to Red Day Marker 70 or cut that corner close inbound or ourbound, you will find bottom. 

Follow the marks from 1 thru 12 or 12 thru 1 if exiting the lake.

You should be in 7' -8' of water depending on tide.  Keep the Cluster Piling well to port after reaching Mark 12 and head toward the Old Rig point.  The rig is no longer there but this path will keep you in deeper water. 

Once you have cleared the Cluster Piling and the Old Rig you should have plenty of water under your keel.


Many a sailor has used these coordinates to enter and exit Lake Sabine successfully.


These coordinates are made available for information purposes only.

Click Here For downloadable

Thousand Foot Cut Coordinates

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