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Junior Sailing PAYC

Updated: June 17, 2023

Junior Sailing Camp promotes personal growth through responsibility on the water. Using sailing as the vessel, we help campers develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills. Our four-day camp accepts applications from students aged 8 to 18. We teach campers to sail on three classes of boats depending on age and experience:  Optis, Sunfish, and Lasers.  



Registration for the 2023 Junior Sailing Camp is now closed!!   

Camp dates are June 22nd - 25th

Thank you to everyone who has registered, we can't wait to see you!

If you have any questions please reach out to Brian at

Like any sport, when done properly, sailing is safe and fun. Therefore we have a large number of experienced sailors and counselors at each camp who assist. Thanks to our many volunteers and the personal attention each student receives, by the end of camp, every student can rig, launch, and sail a boat independently. While every activity is necessarily weather dependent, a typical camp will include a swim test with PFD, classroom instruction, a knot tying competition, docking training, race training, righting flipped boats, man-over-board drills, and many other fun activities.  Advanced sailors can become an instructor at future camps after taking a PAYC Instructor course which will be limited to the number of instructors needed. 

"Knot A Head” Junior race team is open to all junior sailors who have completed camp. These young sailors will compete against other young sailors across the state of Texas. PAYC will provide the minimum amount of equipment to compete, along with transportation of boats and coaching when available. Regatta fees, Travel, and Housing will be paid by parents. 


Sea Scouts are supported by the PAYC team as well as the Port Arthur Parks and Recreation.  Together we supply the grounds, fleet, facilities, and slips to support numerous Sea Scout weekends on-premises.

Approximate Camp Schedule

All schedules may vary due to weather

All Campers show up at 8:30 AM


Day 1  


 Sign In.  8:30am-9:30am.


9:30 – 12:00  Set up PAYC for camp and classroom, Introduction of instructors and classmates, Camp rules, Discussion of boat parts and proper handling of the boats

12:00  – Lunch 

1:00 – 5:00  Knot lesson (in preparation for evening knot competition), Split into groups and walk around the marina, Rigging boats, Afternoon break, Life jacket check, Swim test, Rig boats, Righting boats, First sail, Showers, Dinner, Evening activity, Lights out


Redfish Sign In.  4:00.


Day 2, 3


Dress for morning walk/jog, Breakfast, Classroom, Break, Points of Sail, Knots, 

Rig boats, Lunch, Classroom, Sail, Break, Sail, Showers, Dinners, Evening activity, Lights out!


Day 4


Dress, Breakfast, Sail


9:00 Kids rig and launch

10:00 Parents arrive and watch kids sail!

11:00 Boats away

12:00 Lunch for everyone (parents and guests included)

12:30 Awards

1:00  Dismissal 

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